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Nov 18, 2013 - Maymont - Virginia’s True Hidden Gem for Kids

Fall is nearly over and you should not miss the chance to catch fall in action when you are in a place like Richmond Virginia which is full of options when it comes to parks and gardens. We understand when you say that there are so many bus charter VA options that you feel inundated and overwhelmed. You are not alone because some of our bus charter Virginia customers were too and we helped streamline their decision-making process but narrowing things down. One of the best places in Dayton Virginia is Maymont.

Maymond is an expansive 100-acre estate given as a gift to the city by James and Sallie Dooley. The couple made the estate their home from 1893 to 1925 and the state of the garden is currently maintained by supportive individuals and the state. Touring the house and its garden is absolutely blissful. No other words can describe the feeling of being free to roam the land together with family and friends who enjoyed the company of nature too. You will enjoy more than just nature and gorgeous blooms but the sight of old carriages brings you back in time during your bus charter VA visit.

There are four main stages to this beautiful Virginia attraction - Italian garden, Japanese garden, arboretum and specialty garden. If you have kids with you during your bus charter Ohio visit, all the better to get up close and personal with some endearing animals like goats, sheeps, pigs, chicken, donkeys, cows, ducks, rabbits and the occasional geese. It matters not that you have been here, fans of this popular kid-friendly space know that things are always changed up so that every visit feels like a new one. Schools, educational and religious institutions regularly organize outdoor bus charter VA visits to the farm and learn about native Virginia’s wildlife.

The wildlife exhibit is more than just a tourist trap because there is so much history behind the farm and nature center. They help children learn more about white-tailed deer, gray fox, bobcats and rare owl species. These are the kind of animals which used to roam Dayton freely. Maymont also boasts of an incredibly healthy habitat for local bears. The organizers and keepers ensure that there is loads of activities to keep the bears healthy and active. Do they keep the animals here as zoos do?

These animals are adopted from rehabilitators and agencies. After helping these animals, they are kept in the compound for a short period of time and then released into the wild when the animals are fit enough to survive on their own. So, do organize your own bus charter VA trip and come enjoy nature with Maymont in its full glory soon.