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Take a weekend away from your office by renting a charter bus out to Crabtree Falls for hiking, jungle trekking and to enjoy the waterfalls

Best Waterfall Hike at Crabtree Falls

May 23, 2014

Love the outdoors? Can’t get enough of nature? Then you should head to Virginia for a hike at one of the best waterfall trails in the country. Located just a short distance from Blue Ridge Parkway, this trail takes you up alongside the falls that ends in an overlook of Tye River Valley.

Crabtree Falls is made up of a series of cascading waterfalls, featuring five major cascades with the tallest one dropping from approximately 400 feet. As one of the most beautiful waterfall in Virginia, charter bus visitors can hike anytime between dawn to dusk.

Hiking Trail at Crabtree Falls

This hiking trail is pretty popular with rental bus visitors visiting Virginia. The trailhead starts at the upper part of the Crabtree Falls parking lot. Although the trail starts at the upper corner of the parking area, charter bus visitors should walk to the lower lot where a beautiful laminated wooden arch bridge can be found. This bridge crosses the Tye River and was placed at that very spot in one single piece since 1978.

Don’t forget to read the bulletin board located just at the beginning of the trailhead to avoid all the dangers that can crop up at the waterfall’s deadly terrains. The trail to the summit starts on the right side of the paved path and climbs upward pretty quickly. This trail consists of steps, railings, wooden walkways and switchbacks to traverse the steep terrain. The best part about the hike up the waterfall is the soothing sound of the rushing water cascading down the Crabtree Falls.

Some notes about the trail:

  • Trail distance: 3.4 miles out and back.
  • Difficulty: Fairly steep with plenty of switchbacks. Do take breaks every now and then to enjoy the waterfall.
  • Elevation change: 1000 feet.
  • Views: A nice view of the Tye River Valley at the top of the falls.
  • Navigation ease: Just follow the trail and you will be fine.

Staying at Crabtree Falls

Should rental bus visitors want to spend the night at Crabtree Falls, head to The Cabins at Crabtree Falls that rents out five of its cabins at a reasonable price. All cabins have electricity, heating and air conditioning, running water and working bathrooms and kitchens. All cabins supply pots and pans, bed linens, shower linens, basic toiletries, DVD players, outdoor fire-pits and small charcoal grills. Located less than half a mile to the Crabtree Falls, charter bus visitors can call (571) 291-9370 or email for more information.

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